Hello I'm

Anshil Bhansali

Who am I?
  • Grew up in Mumbai, India
  • Got my Bachelor's from University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  • Software Engineer
  • Stock Trader 🧐
  • Live in New York 🗽
Things I love to do?
  • Table tennis (challenge me 😎)
  • Basketball - this was me in the 10th grade 🤣
  • Drink coffee 🤤 (always up for a chat)
  • Code (I am a Software Engineer by profession 🤓) - this was my very first coding project
  • Jam with my guitar
  • Trade stocks (honestly, its like a drug #legal)
  • Some artists I love to listen to 🎧 - J Cole, 1975, Beatles, Sofi Tukker
  • Some things I love to watch 👀 - Billions, Silicon Valley, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Its always sunny in Philadephia
Why am I doing this?
  • Create my online presence
  • Tell you my stories
  • Combine my tech skills & finance knowledge
  • Trying to spread some bullshit-free knowledge
  • Expand my network (HMU - anshilbhansali@gmail.com)